How are businesses built? First, the idea is born.  A plan is then concocted, this plan is executed, and, if successful, a business has blossomed. To help grow this concept from idea to successful product or service, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, tenacity, thought, help, time, money, effort, and some luck are needed.

The real estate business is no different. This is a service-based business that takes a lot of the aforementioned items - plus a few more. The goal for a new agent is to start and go from licensee to agent to peak producer, or in other words, a highly skilled professional business owner. An agent, like myself, must develop the habits, attitudes, and skills necessary to reach this peak state and maintain a high level of skill and enthusiasm. 

While on a journey to become a professional, a successful agent must run their daily, weekly, and monthly activities just as any other business. For this biz, not only am I the COO running the customer service leg of my business, but I must also wear a few other hats. As CFO, I must be the moneymaker and optimize the finances of the business. This hat is worn when making decisions regarding the money side of the business and is in charge of weighing results for financial outlays. Another hat I wear daily is the CEO cap. This leg of the biz is 5X more important than the other two. Why? The CEO is in charge of sales and marketing. Without sales there is no business. In real estate, the professional is marketing himself and selling the service of 'him'. Since sales is a contact sport, this includes getting face to face, voice to voice, and person to person with my clients, vendors, and other business professionals.

Now that I am wearing all of these hats, how am I going to focus my energy? The main focus for me is in growing my business through REFERRALS. This concept is used by many-an-agent to provide a pipeline of consistent and predictable results throughout the year. This Buffini philosophy focuses on building relationships with clients instead of treating them like a transaction. I keep in touch with clients monthly through a variety of different means - old school mail, face to face pop-bys, or a good 'ole email, just to name a few. My goal is to create and strengthen my relationships with those included in my program. The focus with this philosophy is on the long term, to build and create lasting relationships and turn my clients into advocates who readily use me as a resource and refer others they feel could use the same level of professional service which I provide. If you are reading this and know someone who needs help selling or buying a property, please give them my number and have them give me a call. I'm always here to help.

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