Cardiff, Cardiff, Cardiff. Is it true that the entire culture and identity of Cardiff-by-the-Sea revolves around the iconic statue at the end of Chesterfield Dr., on Highway 101, named “Magic Carpet Ride," but known to the locals as “The Cardiff Kook”? Well, no, but it is a fixture that everyone will notice as they're driving down Coast Highway on their way to or from the ocean. Cardiff is actually a lot more than The Kook. This community within Encinitas is really its own thriving enclave butted up against one of San Diego’s most varied wetlands. There are many trails within the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy to explore and learn a little about how precious our coastal open areas are for us and future generations (#LoveYourLagoon).


Apparently, one of the original developers of this long-time-ago farming community’s wife was from Cardiff, Wales and that, my friends, is how the name came to be. Many of the main roads play on the original land owner's roots in the UK, i.e. Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester. Beyond the street names lies a deluge of fun places to visit and explore. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean you’ll find a little gem known as San Elijo Campgrounds. This year-round camping area is a fantastic opportunity to surf in the morning, eat at Bull Taco for lunch, enjoy a roasted mallow or two around the evening campfire, and fall asleep next to the sound of crashing waves. Can’t get much better than that. Come check it out.



Cardiff Crack, just go try it.

Cardiff has 1 of only 8 California Patagonia Stores.

(the environmentally and socially responsible clothing company)

The Kook is a man (or statue) of many faces.