Olivenhain sits in the Easternmost part of Encinitas, bordering the prestigious community of Rancho Santa Fe. Olivenhain, impressive in its own right, has a completely different feel and layout from the other four areas that make up Encinitas. This community has a much more spread out feel as many of the properties are fairly expansive, encompassing a half acre or more. Here you’ll be able to stable your horses (on certain properties), walk through one of the many trails in the area, and enjoy a clearer, darker night sky thanks to the“Dark Skies” policy. This policy restricts outdoor lighting to offer residents and animals alike a much clearer view into the expansiveness of space.

This whole area is fairly rural so it doesn’t offer a ton in terms of shopping, dining, or entertainment, but that’s why you live here. All of those amenities are only a short jaunt from home. You can easily access all that the rest of Encinitas has to offer without being in its hub. One point of interest within Olivenhain that offers some entertainment and gathering of fellow residents is the Meeting Hall. Many an event is held here throughout the year, including but not limited to the outdoor cinema series (held in late summer), Oktoberfest, and the much anticipated yearly Bratwurst and Beer Fest. The BBF is an all-you-can-eat celebration accompanied by an assortment of local craft beers and a little live music to tickle your inner ear (List of Events). Olivenhain is a fantastic, spread out, bucolic area of Encinitas that is sure to appeal to your laid back nature within.


Visit this lot at different times of the year to enjoy a pumpkin patch, buy a Christmas tree, or take a hot air balloon ride.

Colony Olivenhain, est. 1884.

Be sure to bring your equine to this horse friendly park.

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