I am one of the lucky ones, born and raised in San Diego - what more can you ask for. Birthed in Oceanside, lived in Vista while I was young, had a good run in San Marcos, college at SDSU, party years in PB, and a few years back, bought a house in Encinitas. Man-o-man have I enjoyed my experience throughout SD, but I can't say enough about Encintias. I love this place. As a surfer, brewer/ beer-lover, Google Maps explorer, family man, Realtor, enjoyer of beauty, health conscious and eco-friendly human, Encinitas is it. Here is a list of reasons why I love this place.

  1. Manchester Preserve
  2. Beacon Beach
  3. The Regal Seagull
  4. The Weather (or lack thereof)
  5. Backyard Sunsets
  6. Greenbelts
  7. Why Not
  8. Surfdog's Java Hut
  9. San Elijo Campgrounds
  10. Pipes
  11. The view while driving down Santa Fe Dr. towards Swami's, at sunset
  12. The Coaster Station
  13. Indian Head Canyon Trail
  14. The Fish Shop
  15. Jorge's Mexicatessen
  16. Cool People
  17. Progression Surf
  18. Bier Garden Encinitas
  19. The People
  20. Pannikin
  21. Sea Coast Exclusive Properties
  22. Farmer's Markets
  23. Encinitas Street Fair
  24. D St.
  25. Cotixan
  26. CRC Thrift Store
  27. Great spots for an evening run
  28. Walk-in beer cooler @ Village Spirit Shop
  29. Nektar
  30. Subman
  31. The Craftsman Tavern
  32. "Secret" Surf Spots
  33. Betty's Pie Whole
  34. Plenty of parks
  35. Walks down the beach with the fam
  36. The varied neighborhoods of the City
  37. Proximity to Belly Up Tavern and Del Mar Racetrack
  38. Walk to H Street lookout @ lunch
  39. Encinitas Ale House
  40. Oktoberfest
  41. Quick access to everything you need
  42. Mandala Surfboards
  43. The Community
  44. The lookout spot above Cardiff Reef
  45. All the spots still left to explore

I'm sure that I'm leaving a few reasons out, but this is a start. #ILoveEncinitas.