There are many things that collect at my house and need to find a new home. Since I don't like to just throw away anything that could be reused, recycled, or properly disposed, I am always trying to find new ways to get rid of my piles. From batteries to clothes to old CFL light bulbs, there is a place for everything. As a Realtor in Encinitas, I strive to not only help people achieve their goals and sell or buy a home, but to also be a resource in the community.  In that role, I like to share services I find. Click on the links below for directions.

Battery Recycling (non-rechargeable)

The Encinitas Community and Senior Center - Apparently, in California, it is illegal to dispose of non-rechargeable batteries in your household trash. Here is the solution: save your old batteries and plan a trip down to the Community Center. Go in through the main doors, pass by the front desk, and you'll see the battery recycling containers. 

Battery Recycling (rechargeable)

Best Buy, Encinitas - This place only accepts rechargeable batteries. They have a small recycling area just through the front doors and immediately to the left. The plastic, metal, and lead within the batteries are all recyclable and, once again, in CA, you're not supposed to just toss them in the trash.

CFL Light Bulbs

Home Depot, Encinitas - Some light bulbs, including CFL (the spiral ones), contain some not-so-friendly materials if released into the environment. The main hazard is mercury and once these bulbs get tossed into the garbage, they are more than likely going to break. No bueno. As a bonus, other materials including the glass and metal in the bulbs can be recycled. Nice!

Prescription Drugs

SD County Sheriff's North Coastal Station - A lot of us have a hodgepodge of old prescription drugs just taking up space in our medicine cabinets. Why not get rid of the old and expired ones and clear out some space? The Sheriff's Station has an anonymous drop box just for that.

Clothes and other lightly used items

CRC (Community Resource Center) Thrift Shop - CRC has been around Encinitas for awhile now. Back in '79 they saw a need within the community to address the homelessness and food issues. They  provide a wide array of additional services here, but the above link will give you directions to their resale store where they accept a variety of lightly used items. You can also support their cause by just shopping there. I have found a gem or two within their walls.


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