Get off the couch and away from this screen and get on down to Annie's Canyon Trail. The canyon is a sight to see in your very own backyard. We are some lucky folks to be living in such a beautiful place and have this basically just off the freeway, located off one of the main southerly trails in the San Elijo Lagoon area. This part of the trail, formerly know as the mushroom caves, is now cleaned up, marked, and ready for you. As you cruise through, you can still see some of the spots where there used to be art...or graffiti, depending on who you ask. It was meticulously cleaned up, by hand, by some very giving volunteers involved with the conservancy. 

Access to the trail is in Solana Beach at the end of N Rios Ave. When you get to the end of the road, just park where there is an available spot and enter the main trail-head. A cool .6 miles later, to the right, there will be a hard-to-miss sign for Annie's Canyon Trail. The most interesting and picturesque part of the trial (The Canyon) will be to the right. The whole trip to the top isn't too long, so take your time as well as some photos to post on Instagram later and share with others. Go through the sand bottom trail and take a peek at the many cliff carvings. As you adventure on, you will see the old "mushroom cave" up to your left. Some spots get a bit tight (just a heads up). The last leg will have you climbing up a ladder to an incredible view from an elevated position above the lagoon, with sights from the ocean through Cardiff and into Rancho Santa Fe and beyond.

All in all, this is well worth checking out. If you need a quick reconnection with nature or want to show some out-of-towners a unique area, go see Annie's Canyon. While you're there, follow a few of the other trails around the Lagoon, especially down by the water. You might catch a glimpse of a Striped Mullet or a Fiddler Crab (whose males have one overly large claw). If you would like some more info on the San Elijo Lagoon, follow this link. Let me know what you think of the canyon, the video tour, and anything else on your mind. Peace.