Leucadia, CA. Of the five Encinitas communities, this has to be the funkiest...in a great way. Leucadian locals have a motto - “Keep Leucadia Funky.” This beachy colony has always tried to maintain its small, arsty, chill vibe, partially by helping mom and pop shops to thrive along its main street. The community has thus far succeeded in its quest for quaintness by lining Coast Highway 101 with one-off coffee spots, fresh and local restaurant offerings, and many mind and body improvement establishments. Also, do you like donuts? Then check out the iconic Leucadia Donut Shop - run by for a sweet treat and stay for a conversation.


The beaches along this stretch of earth allow you to spread out in a relatively private setting.  During a super high tide, though, you’ll probably be going for a dip in the Pacific. The reason for this seclusion is over 2 miles of beaches with only about 3 public access points. Not too shabby.

On another note, if you would like to contribute to Leucadia’s efforts to maintain itself as a lovely place to live, feel free to adopt a plant median through the Adopt a Plant Median Project hosted by the Leucadia 101 Main Street organization. Check ‘em out.



The bartender at the Regal Seagull once saved a man’s life.

Are you okay with heights? Leucadia’s elevation is 62’. Beware.

This tree survived a crazy windstorm in 2016.